Common Weal is a 'think and do tank' campaigning for social and economic equality in Scotland.

For 40 years Scotland has suffered from ‘me first’ politics – and we all came second. Politics has made a few extremely wealthy and left the rest suffering from low pay, insecurity, declining public services and fragmented communities.

We believe that ‘to build more we must share more’, that we can create a politics based on working together, where the many benefit and not just the few. We can be wealthier, fairer, more equal, more productive, more innovative, more competitive – and people can be happier.

Our vision is of a diverse and productive economy with high-quality jobs that make people more prosperous. We can then sustain a great welfare state in which our national resources are used to benefit all our citizens and core infrastructure is owned collectively with the profits shared. Real democracy we will let the people make their own decisions, taking our future out of the hands of unelected vested interests.

Common Weal will campaign for this society by producing carefully thought-through policies, by campaigning for these policies in parliament, by setting news agendas, by bringing people together and by engaging people in this work at all levels.

There is always more than one possible future. Choose a Common Weal future.