Common Weal Local

The Common

Scotland now has one of the strongest progressive movements in Europe.

That movement needs inclusive spaces to meet-up, talk, organise, socialise and debate on a local level. That is what The Common will do. 

The Common will be a local venue or café in villages, towns and cities across the country. The Common will exist wherever there is a need for a permanent hub for the movement and wherever there is the ability and capacity to make The Common a sustainable project.

We are aiming to launch The Common in Glasgow before the end of the year, and already have Commons ran by our local groups in Edinburgh and Aviemore, with more in the pipeline across Scotland. You should contact us at if you have a venue you are interested in using as part of this project.

Commons will be part of Scotland's local fabric, bringing together culture, politics and community in a welcoming and open space. Be part of it!