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Over the next five years, the lobbyists and their big money backers are going to be working hard to prevent Scotland becoming a place of fairness and equality. Who’s going to be on the other side challenging them?

You. Me. And the whole of the Common Weal community. Collectively, we are a think-tank, we are campaigners, we are a pressure group, and we are alternative media – but most of all, we’re independent. We refuse to be influenced by any political party or profiteering corporation because we will not compromise our values. We have this luxury because we’re funded by you.

Since we set-up less than two years ago, we’ve achieved a remarkable amount. But after the election, the pressure is on to work harder than ever to create that vision we all passionately aspire to – a better Scotland.

You know how important you are to absolutely everything we do. Without you, we don’t exist. Scotland isn’t going to change itself –together we can make it happen.