We won't win a Yes vote if we do not convince people in Scotland that the country's national sovereignty will be safe and secure. Our borders with the rest of UK will be an important part of this: we need to fight the No side's scare stories about razor-wired fences with a rational and evidence based case for a smart border system. This work aims to ensure that our arguments aren’t stuck in the firing line.

The arguments around currency have changed totally from the last referendum: and a lot of people you met who voted No were worried that it wasn’t answered. Establishing a new currency will require careful planning and the creation of a central bank that is strong and secure. There should be no weak spots in the Yes case for an independent Scottish currency and you should be armed with the answers to people’s concerns for indyref2.

In the last referendum Scotland's elderly community voted overwhelmingly against independence. There are probably many people you met or know who didn’t know whether their pensions are secure in an independent Scotland so we need the answers at the ready to reassure them. There should be an approach to social security across all ages that ensures no one in Scotland is left behind.

UK hard Brexit means the issue of trade and customs will now be one of the main debating points in a future referendum: what will our trading relationship be with the rest of UK and the rest of the world? Providing you with the coherent, convincing answers on this issue is a must. The White Paper Project will work with people in the relevant fields to get these answers.

The institutions we establish for TV and Broadcasting will go a long way to defining what sort of country we want an independent Scotland to be. Broadcasting should reflect the Scotland that you see and experience in the real world and the White Paper Project aims to provide a realistic and ambitious framework for achieving this.