In 2014 Scotland was asked if it wanted to be an independent nation.
The question did much more than produce a Yes or No, it led to a political and cultural awakening.

Almost a year later, artists and writers reflect on what happened in poems, stories and images.
Butterfly Rammy is a book to accompany the cabaret of the same name hosted by Common Weal during the 2015 Edinburgh Festival. Below, you will find details of each artist and writer who contributed to the project. 


DWAM | Artwork: Elspeth Lamb; Author: Karen Campbell

DROOTH | Artwork: Claire Forsyth; Author: Stuart McHardy

DOUR | Artwork: Charlotte Duffy; Author: Gav Prentice

GABBIN | Artwork: Nicola Carberry; Author: Agnes Torok

TAPS AFF | Artwork: Elizaveta Maltseva; Author: Sian Bevan

HOACHIN | Artwork: Susan Lickley; Author: Leela Soma

KEN | Artwork: Mark Campbell; Author: Sara Shaarawi

RAMMY | Artwork: Samantha McPherson; Author: Peter Arnott

BIDE | Artwork: Alasdair Wallace; Author: Katie Gallogly-Swan 

SCUNNERED | Artwork: Dominic Snyder; Author: Bashabi Fraser

COORIE | Artwork: Alistair Gow; Author: Stanley Odd (Dave Hook)

BEELIN | Artwork: Alasdair Strachan; Author: Sam Small

WHEESHT | Artwork: Ashley Cook; Author: Janice Galloway

SWITHER | Artwork: June Carey; Author: Magi Gibson

DREICH | Artwork: Rachel Mimiec; Author: Ian Dunn

FEART | Artwork: Anderston Torp; Author: Aileen McKay

THRAWN | Artwork: Duncan MacGillivray; Author: David Greig

MIND | Artwork: Eoghann Mac Colla; Author: Tessa Ransford

Prints of all the artworks in the book are available for purchase. Contact for more info.

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