The Key Ideas

#32 Explore a kitemark to indicate businesses which have good industrial democracy practices

There is one area of democracy over which the Scottish Parliament has no powers and that is industrial democracy. The advantages of having ways of governing enterprises that are open and democratic are numerous and many of the world's most successful companies already have strong industrial democracy. Ideally, trade unions would have the right to negotiate terms and conditions for employees at an industry sector level, workers would have the right to elect representatives onto company boards, and joint and mutual management committees would help manage the 'shop floor'. Scotland has no power to legislate for these things but it might be possible to explore some kind of 'kitemark' system for recognising good practice in industrial democracy. The Scottish Government and local authorities could also ensure that it implements the best possible practise on trade union and workers rights. It is a weak alternative to real power to change employment relations, but it is all that can be done.