The Key Ideas

#52 Create a National Policy Academy for Farming, Food and Agriculture to improve faming techniques and technologies in Scotland along 'agroecology' lines

As part of a national plan to make Scotland more food sovereign, a National Policy Academy looking at food and agricultural policy and practice might be set up, covering other issues such as rural economy too. This could help support professional development for farmers in a shift towards agroecology to produce as much food as now, but by working smarter with nature, and moving away from mainstream aggressive farming techniques, which can cause more harm in the long term. This would involve investment in extension services which transfer knowledge in both directions and help farmers deliver environmental and social goods as well as commodities. It could also support cooperation between farmers, and between farmers and communities, and aim to accelerate opportunities for new farmers to get access to land and start-up capitaproviding they farm using innovative techniques. It would seek to encourage a shift from food as a commodityto food for people.