The Key Ideas

#54 Consider a Scottish leadership study to identify barriers which prevent people educated in Scotland from taking major leadership roles in the country

In developing a self-reliant society, we must also consider who leads our biggest institutions and how they are led. There is a good case for exploring if there are barriers to a greater number of the leading roles in Scottish life being filled by people educated in Scotland. This was a controversial issue when it was raised during Scotland's referendum campaign, and asking why so many of Scotland's institutions are managed by people who were recruited from outside of Scotland was attacked for being 'parochial' or borderline racist. This is an entirely unfair response to a perfectly reasonable question; it is not insular for a nation to want to produce generations of people capable of great leadership from within its population. A comprehensive study should be undertaken to explore structural problems either in education, career development, or institutional issues which hinder the long-term opportunities of those raised in Scotland. And of course this is not just about Scotland; we should aspire to be a nation which does indeed import great talent, but which exports it as well.