The Key Ideas

#57 Create a National Academy for Conflict Resolution, Non-Violence, Peace, and international Relations

We should recognise that in having the highest concentration of nuclear weapons in Europe, we also have a responsibility to contribute to a continent- (and world-) wide debate about nuclear disarmament. Of course, Scotland has no powers over the area of defence, but this does not mean it can't lead education and debate. In chapter ten it is proposed that there should be a National Policy Academy focussed on violence reduction and conflict resolution in a domestic context. However this Academy could also be tasked with raising awareness nationally and internationally about the need to move towards disarmament and new forms of global conflict resolution, looking at Scotland's international relations as well. Scotland might not have power over foreign affairs, but much of foreign affairs is about leading by example, and therefore all aspects of governmentnot just direct international development workshould operate on the principle of 'do no harm'. Me-first international relations is based on the principle of being seen to give with one hand, while secretly taking away with the other. Opposing trade policies which entrench me-first approaches in other countries is as important as doing so in Scotland.

Scotland should be open to the world, to be international in every sense. It's just a mistake to equate transnational corporations with internationalism. True, internationalism involves nations working together collectively to make us all stronger, more prosperous, and more secureand of course more diverse and of richer culture. Being a good international citizen by taking responsibility for your own actions and challenging the harm done by the creation of the 'naked society' is not insular. It is forward-looking and responsible.