The Key Ideas

#60 Tackle gender inequality by stimulating higher pay employment in industries like childcare, while trying to gender desegregate the labour market as a whole

One area where more must be achieved is the problem of gender pay inequality. This is largely a result of gender segregation in the labour market where female employment tends to concentrate around low pay industry sectors more than male employment as a whole. In #10 a possible intervention to address this problem immediately and directly was proposed by creating a National Childcare Service, creating more and better paid jobs for women (and particularly young women). This will make a difference but is not without its problems. In particular, there is a risk that moves such as this will in fact entrench gender segregation in the workforce, for example reinforcing the idea that caring is a 'female' responsibility. This risk is worth taking to do something immediately on female pay inequality, with more done to attract men to the increasingly professionalised sector.