The Key Ideas

#61 Provide better careers advice for girls and young women to encourage them to consider careers in traditionally male-dominated sectors

In the long term the aim must be to do everything we can to change attitudes to what is 'male' work and what is 'female' work. There are few remaining jobs in which physical strength is a crucial aspect of work skills, and old stereotypes which may have played a part in putting women off considering some careers (or put off employers considering hiring women in these roles) have no place in modern society. The days when an 'engineer' was a man in an oily boiler suit have passed. Today an engineer is more likely to work with computer aided design, and the future of manufacture plants will be largely automated. In this we should avoid reifying assumptions that value typically masculinefields such as science and maths as betteror more professionalthan their femininecounterparts: nursing is one of the most vital and valuable professions in our society, and we have all suffered from a lack of robust and better-funded cultural policy.