The Key Ideas

#67 Take a human rights-focussed approach to all equalities issues and embed human rights in all public practices

All hopes for greater equality must be underpinned by human rights. A rights-based approach to equality creates a strong framework which makes clear to everyone what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of how people are treated legally, administratively, and also culturally. But more than that, a rights-focused approach creates a legal underpinning which gives routes of legal redress when the way that people are treated contravenes acceptable practice. Scotland has enshrined humans rights law in its legal system and this must be supported, strengthened, and used as a legal means of rectifying any instances of continued injustice in public life. Scottish human rights legislation (the Scotland Act and the Human Rights Act) must be protected and proposals for a British Bill of Rights must be opposed. There should be bolstered support for Scotland's National Action Plan for Human Rights and it should be linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All of the UK's international human rights obligations should be written directly into Scotland's domestic laws. And the participatory democracy discussed in chapter seven should be used to engage citizens in a deep discussion of how to advance human rights in Scotland.