The Key Ideas

#75 Create a legal 'right to food' to create a legal framework for tackling food poverty

A rights-driven approach to food poverty can make a substantial difference. The right to housing is enshrined in Scots lawbut not the right to food. However, Scotland as part of the UK is a signatory to the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights which includes the right to accessible, affordable, and appropriate food. This covenant could be made part of Scots law, providing benefits also for land reform. Putting the right into law means focusing and co-ordinating efforts both by central and local government and by other agencies to achieve this right progressively over timeand it means being prepared to be challenged legally if these efforts are not being made. The right to food does not just mean 'sufficient calories of any description sufficient to keep someone alive', it is a commitment to people having fair access to decent food that will promote health and wellbeing and not just survival.