The Key Ideas

#80 Ensure all public housing has high-quality disability access

For disabled people, the issue of access is still important, with far too many public and private spaces limiting the mobility of disabled people, which has a knock on effect on their confidence and their willingness to participate. Some of the ideas proposed above will include measures to address this directly: a national housing company would have a provision of ensuring that all new homes and the renovation of existing housing stock are disability friendly, with five per cent of homes in Scotland in need of adaptation.

Most young disabled people don't find work after leaving education, and more than half of working age are not in work. This is a massive waste of human potential that should concern us all. The work programme should be changed from a punitive system to one that tries to support those that are finding it most difficult to enter the labour market. For every £1 spent on the DWP's Access to Work £1.60 is received in tax revenue from increased employment. While the responsibility for Access to Work is not currently part of devolution plans, it highlights the societal benefits of increased employment amongst disabled people.