The Key Ideas

#81 Set-up a National Policy Academy for Equality

There is debate about whether the issues of economic equality and social equality should be 'lumped together'. Indeed there is debate about whether gender, race, and class inequality should be treated as one broad subject, since any conversation of one should take into account the others as critical factors in privilege. A National Policy Academy could focus debate for all issues of equality, able to organise itself such that different aspects of the wide equality agenda can be treated separately where that is viewed as the best approach, and collectively when possible. Either way, the duty of producing strong gender, economic, and other inequality impact assessments of all public policy should be a key role. Further, a National Policy Academy dedicated to conflict resolution and non-violence (along with international issues and potentially environmental matters) could develop Scotland as an international leader in these issues. Part of its role should be to advise on policy and deliver good practice advice and support to all public agencies and in cases of social conflict.