The Key Ideas

#9 Create a charter of what is and isn't a core public service and maintain all core public services in full public control

A possible problem is if a national mutual companies democratic aims were at odds with the democratic aims of the Scottish Government, the Scottish Government could not command the national mutual. This would be a greater concern in areas where ideally a function should be fully under public control and it would be a cause for substantial concern if core functions like education or the health service were taken out of the direct control of government and put into national mutual companies. To avoid this, there should be national guidelines on what should remain a wholly-public function. There would be some debate on what constitutes a public function, but they would certainly include tax collection, the civil service, justice and policing, national defence, school education, the NHS, and transport infrastructure. In addition there would be a strong case for including energy, rail and bus travel, and possibly telephone and digital communication.