The Key Ideas

#96 Seek audience expansion in arts through school, transport and by exploiting the low marginal cost of extra performances

Once we have more art, we should aim to get more people actively engaged as audiences. This should begin at school. The importance of making people 'comfortable' with the environment in which art takes place is enormous. The etiquette of an art gallery ('is it okay to look at the pictures really close up?') or a concert hall ('when am I supposed to clap?') or the architecture of a theatre ('what's a dress circle?') is not complicatedbut it can feel complicated and alienating if you've never been. Every school child should get a chance to attend a wide range of arts performances and exhibitions, not just to let them find out what they enjoy, but also so they can become confident when they decide to come back on their own.

There are other ways we can get more people into audiences, one of which is greater utilisation of what is already there. The marginal cost of adding a few more performances is not high. These could then be marketed directly to people who don't usually goat a substantially reduced cost. Another is to get transport systems right so it is easy for people outside of cities to get to performances, perhaps offering special bus services for communities. And more public support in encouraging people to attend through knowing whats on would be invaluable, perhaps with an online listing service covering the whole of Scotland.